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Ion Technology Reduces Static Charge

Ion Technology Reduces Static Charge

Kinetronics Corporation is proud to introduce the Anti-Static Canned Air Ionizer, an easy-to-use attachment that significantly boosts the performance of canned air dusters by adding ions to the flow of gas (compressed air). It eliminates static electrical charge on lenses, glass, digital & film photographic equipment, plastics, film, computers, keyboards, printers, and other office equipment.
By simply adding ions, the Canned Air Ionizer (CAI) neutralizes static charge, allowing the force of the gas jet to more easily remove dust particles. Ionized air cleans more effectively, and requires shorter bursts, resulting in significantly more uses for each can of compressed gas.

A second model is available for heavy use or frequent duty cycles. It includes a coiled 12-foot grounding cord. The CAI snaps easily onto any compressed can currently on the market, and requires a single AA to operate.

The Canned Air Ionizer is Patent Pending and available from leading photo/imaging retailers, office products suppliers, or may be ordered directly from Kinetronics Corporation.

Question: What's the difference between the Canned Air Ionizer with the grounding cord and without?

Answer: The Canned Air Ionizer Pro, with the grounding cord, retains efficiency during prolonged use by avoiding a charge build up on the operator and ionizer. The grounding cord is advantageous only in situations where the following conditions exist:

1 - The frequency of use is greater than 5 seconds out of a minute.
2 - In dry air or low humidity conditions.
3 - If the operator is electrically isolated.

The two units are exactly the same except for the grounding cord and its mating connector on the ionizer frame. Without the cord attached, both models are identical.

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